Photo Ready

Ready for Photos’ Checklist for Home Sellers

 Neat & Clean is always a first step, outside & inside.

  • Put yourself in the prospective buyer’s shoes and start with that ‘first impression’.
  • Start right at the curb and ask yourself ‘Would you consider this property?’
  • Yard cleanup, front, back and sides too. Don’t overlook overgrown shrubs & trees, flower beds
  • Scrutinize each inside room from a buyer perspective; listen to your agent’s ideas.
  • Consider using a professional stager to arrange furniture & give each room a purpose.

De-clutter and De-personalize – pack up the knickknacks, collections, family photos, hobby rooms, toys.  Remove clutter from counter tops, especially kitchen & baths.  Yes, even the refrigerator. Make spaces look roomy and organized (even closets). Hide wiring as much as possible.

Replace missing or burned out light bulbs; replace cool ‘daylight’ bulbs with warm ‘soft white’ bulbs.

Paint & Repair – door bell button, askew rain gutters, broken fence pickets, door knobs, light switches. Fresh paint always portrays good maintenance. Neutralize colors! Patch holes, consider a ‘scratch remover’ on door frames, cabinets, railings. Brass is an outdated hardware style for lights, cabinets, doors, and baths.

Ask your agent about the wallpaper, window coverings, etc. Time for a new bedspread?  Replace leaky faucets, worn out entry locks, broken window blinds, broken tile, etc.

Pack Up – remove valuables, prescription drugs, gun collections, excess furniture, the camping trailer, the ‘hobby car’ from the driveway. Showings follow quickly after photos are posted to the MLS.

Pets – toys, bowls, accessories, etc. as evidence of pets raise the caution flag for some prospective buyers. Consider moving pets (and smell) to other family & friends during the sale period.

Mow or Shovel – clean & neat extends to the first impression from the MLS photos, summer and winter. A neatly trimmed yard, shoveled walks, patio and deck are a plus.  Fresh flowers create an inviting ambience, from flower beds to the kitchen table (yellow especially is the noted favorite).

2012©Curb Appeal Photography

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